The first official book review for The Shadow Monster!

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We have dedicated our lives to creating wholesome music for youngsters and the young at heart. Over the years, we have been blessed to make so many wonderful friends, and look forward to making even more. Here is just a sample of the comments made by folks who have been impacted by our music. We welcome your letters, too!
When my son was a baby I was given two of your tapes. One was Orange Tea and Molasses. The other was Clock on the Shelf. My son is 17 now. After several moves, I'm not sure where the tapes ended up. I wish I could get them on CD. They are literally the soundtrack of my son's very precious first years. Could you please let me know if those are available for purchase.

Thank you for your time. Thank you also for your talent. The last time I listened to the tapes was at least ten years ago but I remember that feeling of being transported back to his baby days.


Dear Chad and Terri,

I am SO glad that I found your website! I used to take my kids to your concerts when they were little (they are now 23,29 and 30). I was at a time in my life where your music was therapy for myself as well as calming to the little ones. Over the years your cassette tapes were used so much that they no longer worked and had to be thrown away.

NOW I have a new little grandson and wanted SO MUCH for him to hear your music. I will be sending you a check to get started on rebuilding my collection. I see that I will be adding even more wonderful music to it!

I just wanted to say "Thank you so much" for sharing your gifts with us.



Dear Chad and Terri,

I am a preschool director/teacher, and have been for over 30 years!

I believe in teaching through song( as well as the other senses) and have worked very hard to find music appropriate and effective for teaching 2-5 year olds about all types of subjects.
In many cases, there is nothing, so I've written my own...since I can't sing, a friend has come over to sing and we've then been able to use and have the other teachers use these simple songs.

anyways, that's my background!! Always looking for simple songs for little kids!

Your Music CD treble Clef is BEYOND AWESOMEI!!!!!! I'm on the moon, now preparing to use your songs, the felt board next week! I'm sooo excited and just wanted to say THANK YOU for producing it and I'm SOOOO glad I found it!!! It's PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Thank you again!!

S L, Children's Creative Workshop Malibu, Ca


I listened to the few little previews that you had from the Bravest Little Cowboy album. I am 20 now and when I was really little that is the tape I would listen to when I went to sleep, I almost cried when I found those clips and I remembered them so clearly! My little brother also listened to that tape after I got a little older and he needed music to sleep. We both loved that brave little cowboy tape so much so just wanted to give a shout out of appreciation to you guys!! Those songs really bring back some childhood memories!
Have a great day,


My two children were raised on Water Color Ponies. Now that they are adults they are trying to get ahold of the CD for Water Color Ponies for their future children. Can you help? And thank you for the wonderful heritage for my children!!

With a Mother's heart,



So happy to find your site! My daughter was raised listening to your wonderful music and we both spent many hours together enjoying every song. She is off to college now and I am putting together something special for her however I am missing our favorite one, "Quiet Night in the Country." Loaned it out and never got it back :(

Your web site indicates I can still order a CD via mail. Please let me know if you still have the CD's and I will get a check out immediately.

Thanks for your great music,


Hi Chad and Terri,

I am so happy to see your smiling faces and your website, with the ability to purchase your wonderful children’s CDs. I have tapes from many, many years ago- 25 -30 probably. Anyway, I need some CDs for a baby shower on the 26th of April.  I am ordering Orange Tea and Molasses and Clock on a Shelf for now.

Thank you. Have a great day!



After enjoying your Water Color Ponies, and The Bravest Little Cowboy cassetts 20 years ago when my husband purchased them for my daughter, I again am enjoying your music with my two little grandsons. I have been playing the old cassetts on a boom box we have that still has a cassett player that works. In looking to see if we could possibly find any CD's of your music, I came across your website. I was thrilled to see that you sell CD's of your music and would like to purchase the two CD's mentioned above. I just wanted to make sure before sending off a check that you still do indeed send out your CD's for purchase. I can't tell you how excited we are to once again listen to your wonderful songs. I never imagined we would find that we could purchase these CD's that we love, and play them for my grandchildren now.


Dear Chad and Terri,

My name is J A. Sixteen years ago my mother gave me a tape for my oldest son. The tape is Water Color Ponies. I still have it, but does not work very well. I used it for all three of my kids, my youngest is nine. She used it to sleep at night. All of my children still remember the songs and even the ones that were their favorites. I was wondering if you had it in a CD. I would love to get one for my daughter to play at night. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
J  A

Dear Chad and Terri,
I was hoping that you would make it back to Dubuque, IA this year so my mom, K C, who has been a loyal fan for many years, could stock up on your great CD's. Since your last trip to IA, my sister and I have had 2 babies and have been trying to sing your songs but aren't doing them justice. If I made an order, would I be able to get them before Dec. 20th?

Davenport, IA


My name is L S and I would like to inquire about ordering CD's to be mailed to my granddaughter in Oklahoma. Our daughter and son grew up listening to your tapes and now our granddaughter will be turning 3 on Oct 11 and our daughter requested your music for her birthday gift from us! I was pleased that your music meant so much to her that she wants to share it with her daughter....Our son-in-law has his Dr's degree in music theory so I know they will truly appreciate all of your talents!

If it is possible to get these CD's shipped to her I would like to order 1 copy of Water Color Ponies and 1 copy of Orange Tea & Molasses. I would like you to bill me but I would like them shipped directly to her.

Thank you,
Lena IL


Just wanting to place an order for CD's by Chad and Terri. Like many others, our family has very happy memories of "Orange Tea and Molasses" and "Alphabet Train." Our children are in college now, but still love the music. Please let me know if orders still go to Chad Sigafus.....

Katie in Ohio


Just wanted to say I really enjoy your music. I was introduced to your music about 15 years ago when my son was very young. Lost the CD and now I am looking to purchase two CDs of Orange Tea and Molasses. One is for me. I teach and I know the kids will love it! The other is for friends having a new child. Please let me know how to proceed... Thanks.

My name is Joe K